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Doughty Lightweight Pantograph (Lighting Suspension) - 2m/3m Height


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Pantograph (Lighting Suspension)

What is a pantograph used for?

pantograph is a commonly used overhead suspension system for lamps and audio and video monitors in television and photography studios. 

The Doughty Lightweight Pantograph (Lighting Suspension) is a device designed to suspend a lightweight luminaire via the 16mm diameter Spigot at the bottom in a smaller TV and photographic studios. There are two methods available to mount the Pantograph:

  1. Attach to the studio rail with a studio rail carriage, shown in diagram 1
  2. Attach to a 16mm (5/8”) Spigot with a 16mm (5/8”) receiver, shown in diagram 2.

The pantograph uses 2 or 3 constant force springs which enable the height of the load to be adjusted easily by hand. The load which the pantograph can suspend is between 3kg and 15 kg depending on the combination of springs and the position to which they are adjusted.

For loads less than 3 kg it is recommended that a ballast weight is used to increase the load to a minimum of 3 kg. The application of this device can be found in The British Museum. For any inquiries, please contact us via chat. 

User Manual


  • Each pantograph is supplied with 3 springs & 1 spring adjustment tool.
    (For loads from 9Kg to 15Kg, the third spring must be attached)
  • Two suspension choices are available


  • Height: 
    2m or 3m when it is open
    340mm or 420mm when it is closed
  • Width: 80mm
  • SWL: 3kg - 15kg
  • Finish: Black

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