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Dirty Rigger Womens Work Trousers with Knee Pads

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Product details

Ladies Work Trousers with Knee Pads Designed with Female Riggers in Mind

We have become increasingly aware of the lack of proper workwear on the growing female-rigger market and are pleased to finally launch the award-winning Dirty Rigger Ladies Work Trousers

Highly recommended by female stagehands, riggers, technicians and roadies, these high waisted black work trousers feature a slim-fitting, reinforced design with increased movement and pockets. This is a revolution in women's workwear. Be it bending, climbing, crawling around on stage or building a stage fly system, these are must-have for women.

Size Guide (inch & cm) -  Dirty Rigger Ladies Workwear Trousers Facebook Group

Best-selling Ladies Work Trousers with Knee Pads & Pockets

--Enhance Your Feminine Figure--


Phenomenally Comfortable
• Stretchy cotton trousers for exceptional freedom of movement & all-day comfort.
• Designed for those who use a harness while wearing them.


Built to Last
• Reinforced crotch and thighs as well as many sturdy and functional pockets to ensure durability and longevity
• Developed after extensive research and development


Pockets & Waist Mounted D-rings
• Pockets: Reinforced to carry tools.
• D-ring: For keys and tool lanyard attachments


Comfortable Knee Pads
5mm removable padded foam included providing extra comfort on a daily basis on the job.


Thick Elasticated Waist Belt with Loops

Multi-Pocket Work Trousers

  • 2x Nail/Holster Pockets: Elasticated loops on right pocket for secure and easy access of tools e.g. Multi-Tool, Podger. Nail Pockets
  • 2x Front Pockets: Hidden by nail pockets, they are large and deep enough to accommodate common industry-specific tools Front Pockets
  • 2x Back Pockets with bellows: When you bend down, the tools inside the pocket will stay away from the body, offering good freedom of movement. Back Pockets
  • 3x Leg Pockets (Left): With bellow, pen pocket & inside phone pocket in mesh Leg Pocket
  • 2 x Knee Pockets with kneepads: 5mm removable padded foam for comfort when working on the kneesKnee Pockets


Go Above and Beyond Anything Else Offered

--Developed Based on Female Users' Feedback--

❝A great product for women as I've always struggled finding comfortable and fitted work trousers/shorts. The multiple pockets and tool holsters are very useful features and still comfortable with tools equipped. Knee pads were also a great feature❞

Credit: @Laura Pope


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FAQs About Dirty Rigger Women's Work Trousers:

What is the story behind Dirty Rigger Ladies' Workwear Trousers?

After exhibiting all over the world and listening to dozens of women who work in the arts and entertainment industry, Dirty Rigger realized the workwear trousers for women available on the market were either insulting, and not designed to fit in the right/BEST places, uncomfortable, useless for the job, or just non-existent. Their view and suggestions began the development of Dirty Rigger Women’s Workwear Trousers.

What are the advantages of Dirty Rigger Women’s Workwear Trousers over others?

Dirty Rigger developed the workwear based on the concept of a pair of fitted, high waisted, stretched, yoga-like trousers with multiple pockets that were desired by the majority. Their research team worked alongside the female industry specialists who tested the initial prototypes. It took 6 versions to get the workwear to the stage where a wider scoped beta programme can be implemented. The beta programme lasted for several months. All regular feedback and suggestions were carefully considered to improve the design, thereby making these trousers truly the best they could possibly be. Lately, they have won the audience innovation award.

How can I choose the right size of Dirty Rigger Trousers?

Dirty rigger provides a size guide of women's trousers in inches and centimetres with detailed instructions. 

Size Chart

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