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Dirty Rigger Gloves with LED Light - Glowman™ (General Use)


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Dirty Rigger Gloves

The Dirty Rigger Gloves with LED Light - GlowMan™ shines a light right where you need it during all of your tasks at hand. A super bright, thumb-mounted LED provides a 15-lumen output that riggers will love in low-light situations. This feature is invaluable as it leaves both hands free of a handheld light, allowing the wearer to work effectively with both hands.

What's more! The Dirty Rigger Gloves with LED Light has inbuilt touch screen compatibility on the index finger and thumb, so workers can access most major touch screen devices without removing their gloves. Like other Dirty Rigger gloves, the GlowMan LED Light Gloves are comfortable, durable, and purpose-built with riggers in mind.

Powered by Mountain Productions, we have over 40 years of experience in the stage production. During the strenuous tasks that require all of our attention, we need a good pair of rigger gloves to look after our hands. Dirty Rigger Gloves are definitely our picks.

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Features & Benefits


  • The 15-lumen output from a thumb-mounted LED on the right-hand glove provides a powerful light source in a low-light environment and situation where extra brightness is required such as making a note. 
  • Supported by i-Lume LED technology
  • Auto shut-off power save feature
  • Comes complete with a replaceable battery pack.


  • All-day comfort: Breathable 4-way stretched fabric for flexible movement
  • Specially selected synthetic leather: Not only does it provide extra durability, but it also feels incredibly soft on the skin.


  • Double layered synthetic leather in key wear areas to provide excellent resistance to hard graft and extend the lifespan of the Dirty Rigger gloves
  • Double-stitched seams: Built to last due to its heavy-duty nylon double stitching


  • Neoprene knuckle padding for added strength, mobility and abrasion-resistant
  • Single layered areas allow your hands to move unrestricted.


  • Long Style wrist cuff 
  • Inbuilt touch screen compatibility on the index finger and thumb
  • Write-on ID Tag
  • Machine-washable
  • Hidden Battery Compartment 
  • 5 Different sizes

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