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Checkmate Web Slings - Quadplex


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Colour-Coded Web Slings - 16,000kg - 24,000kg

Web slings are for general purpose lifting and the width of the webbing contributes to both a stable and safe lift.

Widely applicable in construction and painting jobs, and marine operations. They also are the best choice for use on heavy objects, expensive loads, highly finished parts, fragile parts, and delicate equipment.

Checkmate quadplex web slings are available in a range of lengths and capacities. It is colour-coded for easy identification.

Web Sling Features & Benefits:

  • Eyes: Becket, flat, reversed, twisted or a range of compatible hardware
  • High strength to weight ratio
  • Absorbs shock loads
  • Light and flexible for easy handling
  • Wear sleeves available to protect from abrasion and sharp objects
  • Helps prevent damage to the surface of goods being lifted
  • Unaffected by grease or oil
  • Certificates of conformity are supplied with goods
  • Easily examined

Web Sling Specifications:

  • SWL: 16,000kg - 24,000kg
  • Width: 240mm, 299mm or 300mm
  • Factor of safety: 7:1
  • Material: Polyester
  • Standards: EN1492-1:2000

Web Slings Inspection:

Each day before being used, the sling and all fastenings and attachments shall be inspected for damage or defects by a competent person designated by the employer. Additional inspections shall be performed during sling use, where service conditions warrant. Damaged or defective slings shall be immediately removed from service. (From Occupational Safety and Health Administration)


If any following damage is visible, your web sling should be removed from service immediately.
Web Sling Inspection

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