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Checkmate LRT Twin Leg Fall Restraint Lanyard - 25mmWebbing (2m Max)



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The Checkmate LRT Lanyard is a fixed-length twin-leg fall restraint lanyard with a selection of connectors offer a variety of uses where the user needs to work without the risk of a fall.


  • 25MM POLYESTER WEBBING - Strong and durable with contrast stitching to aid visual inspection.
  • TWIN LEG - Twin leg lanyards allow for 100% safe tie off when moving between anchorages.
  • PROTECTED LABEL - Label is shrink wrapped to protect the print from daily wear and tear.
  • STANDARD CONNECTORS - Twist Lock Karabiner at each end, other connectors available by request.



  • Webbing - 25mm Polyester
  • End Fittings - Alloy or Steel
  • Webbing strength - 22kN - minimum breaking load
  • User Weight - 100Kg Maximum
  • Standards - EN 354 & EN 358 (excluding restraint lanyards longer than 2m, which do not claim conformance to EN 354
  • Lanyard length is measured between the bearing points of the hooks. Exchanging a karabiner for a scaffold hook could lengthen a lanyard beyond the maximum allowable length under the relevant EN standard.
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A fall restraint system is recommended when guardrails or personal lift devices cannot be used. When properly used, a fall restraint system prevents the worker from falling off an edge. Lanyards must be of fixed length to prevent the worker from reaching an area where they could fall.

A fall restraint system should be the choice when the free fall distance is limited like low building height, vehicles, racking or machinery in or around the building reducing the available height to have the fall arrested safely.

Fall Restraint System

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