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Checkmate GOTCHA - Remote Rescue Kit



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The original Gotcha was the first pre-assembled remote rescue kit. Designed for rescuing a suspended casualty from Fall Arrest Lanyards, Rope Safety Lines and Fall Arrest Blocks, all possible from a point of safety, with casualties initially raised to release their original attachment preventing the need for cutting. The kit comes complete with an anchor sling capable of attaching to a wide range of structures, all terminations are sewn for security, the kit is adaptable for different heights of anchor point, colour coded for simplicity and includes an extension pole for delivery or the optional GRABBA for use with Rope Safety Lines or Fall Arrest Blocks.

The Gotcha system is to be used in rescue situations only and is NOT to be used as a fall arrester.


  • PRE-ASSEMBLED - No assembly is required by the user as the kit is preassembled.
  • STOWAGE - Every component can be conveniently stored in the kit bag which incorporates a carry handle and strap.
  • REMOTE ATTACHMENT - The casualty can be attached from a point of safety.
  • NO-CUT KIT - This is a no-cut kit the casualty is raised to release their original attachment.


  • Dimensions: pack size 628mm x 280mm x 180mm
  • Capacity: 17 to 68 meters
  • Max user weight: 1 person or max 100kg if used for rescue
  • Anodised Aluminum and stainless steel
  • 11mm semi-static kernmantle rope
  • EN 1496
Safety Harness    Safety Helmet    Safety Lanyard    Carabiner  

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