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Hi Vis Softshell Jackets

A Hi Vis softshell jacket is a must-have item for many workers especially those who work in construction and roadside construction, providing high visibility as well as comfort during a long workday. We provide yellow, red, and orange hi vis softshell jacket variations to suit your work requirements.

Besides high visibility, the garments in this collection are very versatile to serve as a mid-layer under a hardshell or alone thanks to the following properties:
Mobile: The fabrics used in softshell jackets are flexible, allowing for maximum movement.
Highly Breathable: Great for aerobic activities
Comfortable: The inner lining made of fleece provides comfort and warmth.
Packable: The thinner, easy-to-work fabric makes this softshell jacket simple to stuff into a pack.
Water-Resistant: Though typically not entirely waterproof, a softshell can stand up to a run in light rain or snow.

What is the difference between a hard shell and a softshell work jacket?

Unlike a traditional hardshell jacket which is stiffer and only serves as your outermost layer, the latter one is a soft and flexible garment. It can be used as an insulating mid layer (as mentioned above) when you are layering for cold environments and snowy weather, or alone in comfortable weather conditions.

However, when it comes to protection, a softshell jacket is not designed to offer the same degree of protection against elements as a hardshell jacket does. Browse all Hi Vis Softshell Jacket options now