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Doughty Engineering

Doughty Engineering, founded in 1985, has been a top manufacturer of rigging, suspension, and lifting equipment for film/TV, theatre and concert halls. Their recent projects include Youtube's studio and Financial Times' TV studio.
We at MTN SHOP stock Doughty Clamps, Stands, Studio Rail, Lighting Accessories and the award-winning Doughty Tank Trap. Our best sellers are :

Doughty Truss Clamp - Stage Lighting Clamp

We stock a wide range of truss clamps with different capacities, widths, diameters and finishes to suit your unique live productions.
• Half Coupler (or Wrap-Around clamp): Provides a greater grip to the tube as it fully wraps a tube ranging from 24mm to 63mm
• Hook Clamp (or C clamp): An affordable and traditional light-to-medium-duty steel clamp that allows one-person operation
• Trigger Clamp- Combination of hook clamp and half coupler: Allows one-person operation when rigging a heavy light
• Quick Trigger Clamp: Mounts on any point on a truss piece without obstruction due to the knob position, and allow one-person operation

Stage Curtain Track & Studio Rail- Come in Straight and Curved Sections

• Six Track: Available in walk-along and line-operated* system, these curtain track kits provide a quick, flexible and professional solution to a stage. Custom track lengths are possible by cutting sections off onsite. Accessories can be ordered separately. *Manual and motorized operations are available.
• Doughty Rail: It is a compact, low-profile walkalong system, ideal for small venues where space is a concern for track installation. A range of accessories is available for multiple configurations.
• Studio Rail: Besides mounting a curtain, it is ideal to suspend other studio equipment. Standard and heavy-duty studio rails are available. Like Doughty Rail and Six Track, it has many accessories to suit unique track installations.

Doughty Tank Trap - Best Lighting Boom Base

• Regular Doughty Tank Trap: Fitted with a long 48mm receiver, this sturdy steel boom base can support a 48mm tube/pole very securely for side lighting. Easy to carry and store.
• 3-Position Tank Trap: Not only is the receiver long, but also detachable for other positions. It means you can secure the pole in different positions - edge, centre and corner - for lighting requirements. The steel plate can also be inverted for attaching truss pieces.